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Project: External Refurbishment

Client: Thor Equities

Location:151 Wardour Street

Duration: 14 weeks
Value: £300,000

Project: Third Floor Cat A fit out 

Client: Rabobank

Location: Thames Court, London

Duration: 12 weeks
Value: £670,000

Project: Internal & External Cat A Warehouse Refurbishment

Client: Prudential

Location: Charlton, London

Duration: 19 weeks
Value: £360,000

Project: Internal Refurbishment

Client: FWEP Ltd

Location: Hornchurch, Essex

Duration: 10 weeks
Value: £135,000

Project: Demolition & Site Remedial Works

Client: M&G UK Property Limited Partnership


Duration: 15 weeks
Value: £570,000

Project: Conversion of Kitchen to Library

Client: Morpeth School 

Location:Morpeth School - Wessex Campus 

Duration: 6 weeks
Value: £122,000

Project: Internal and External Refurbishment with Fire upgrade.

Client: Akelius Residential Ltd 

Location: Enfield

Duration: 22 weeks
Value: £670,000

Project: External Refurbishment 

Client: Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada Ltd

Location: Gate House 1 Farringdon Street

Duration: 8 weeks
Value: £120,000

Project: Full CAT A Internal & External Refurbishment

Client:Sir Richard Sutton Limited

Location: Soho, London

Duration: 37 weeks
Value: £1,100,000

Project: Fire Damage & Restoration to Restaurant

Client: NW8 Holdings

Location: St Johns Wood High Street, London

Duration: 9 Weeks
Value: £ 241,000

Project: Internal and External Refurbishment

Client: Armourer's Hall

Location: London Wall

Duration: 8 weeks + 5 weeks + 5 weeks
Value: £361,000

Project: Internal fit out of 4 floors

Client: Cielo Talen Management

Location: Clerkenwell Rd, London

Duration: Phased over 9 months
Value: £180,000

Project: External Restoration

Client: Education Funding Agency

Location: European School, Fulham, Oxon

Duration: 6 weeks
Value: £225,000

Project: Internal and external refurbishment

Client: High End Insurance Company

Location: Clifton Road, Huntingdon

Duration: 28 weeks
Value: £1,015,000

Project: External Redecorations

Client: MHBC

Location: Golden Hinde, 

Duration: 3 weeks